AVG Driver Update review

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Outdated drivers can cause errors and lead to lost performance. Constantly updating your computer’s drivers is one of the best ways to keep it running at maximum efficiency. In this article, we will conduct AVG Driver Update review.

Why should we update drivers?

Driver is software that allows you to interact with the operating system and hardware. It is supplied by the equipment manufacturer for correct and correct interaction with the system. Windows can work without them using basic software, but errors can be observed and part of the functionality may be missing.

Automatic driver updates in Windows 10 are enabled by default and occur through the Windows Update Center. The test is performed according to the “VD device” parameter, it is unique for each component of the computer – video card, Wi-Fi module, or system controller.

AVG Driver Update is a good alternative among updating softwares

You can simplify the use of the system and install programs to update the drivers of windows. There are many applications to choose from, with their pros and cons. One of such solutions is AVG Driver Update.

AVG Driver Updater is a tool for working with drivers. With this program, you can scan your computer, get detailed information about the status of components, and also optimize the device by updating the software. The utility has a user-friendly interface and is able to install the latest drivers by downloading them from official sources. To download AVG Driver Updater along with the 2018 license key, follow the link at the end of the page.

Finding the latest drivers on your own and integrating them is a rather difficult task, and therefore it will be much easier to install a program that will automatically detect the necessary components, download them to the device and offer to update the modules.

Features and interface

The list of functionalities of the program is reduced to the main points:

  • Scanning the OS to detect outdated versions of drivers;
  • Bringing drivers up to date;
  • Backup already installed libraries, to restore in case of failure;
  • Generation of the final report on the results of the update;
  • Sequential installation;
  • linking the program to a profile in order to subsequently restore components on another device or when reinstalling the OS;
  • while working with the utility, a detailed log of all user actions is kept.


How to use?

First, you need to download the installation file with the program. This can be done by clicking on the link located at the end of the review. Next, you need to start the installation of the utility and follow the prompts of the installation wizard. As soon as the process is complete, the software will automatically start.

The first step in working with the program is scanning the device, detecting outdated and unnecessary drivers. This can be done by going to the “Scan” section. The tool will check the overall health and provide a detailed report.

Further, the user will need to specify what actions the software should perform – remove, update or skip the component. As soon as the program finishes the installation, you need to restart your computer.