FIX: Driver Verifier Detected Violation error in Windows 10

Driver verifier detected violation

In this article, we will consider common issue that many users face with – FIX: Driver Verifier Detected Violation error in Windows 10 and discuss the ways how to deal with it.

Why does this issue occur?

Windows 10 has built-in Windows Update, which is also used to update drivers for various components. Recently it became known about a new system error, due to which the drivers are updated endlessly.

When starting the program, when testing the components of the system assembly for overheating or lack of voltage, users of Windows 7 and not only may face the Driver Verifier Detected Violation error. On the official Microsoft website, it is indicated that the error 0x000000C4 appears due to a driver failure. However, as the analysis of domestic and foreign forums shows, the blue screen of death often appears due to a conflict between the installed antivirus (often Kaspersky) with the software, as well as the installed software. Also, the error appears after loading Windows and indicates a lack of Service Pack. BSOD also appeared when there were problems with the video card, as well as when an outdated version of DirectX and running games that require a newer version of this component.

How to solve it?

If the error appears when starting a program or game, then we recommend the following:

  • Remove the program. Download the software installer from the developer’s official website. Install it with Administrator rights.
  • If the error when starting the same software continues to appear, then the problem may lie in the antivirus, which conflicts with the program or game. Therefore, we recommend disabling the defender while the program is running. If the error has disappeared, then the program must be included in the antivirus exceptions.
  • If BSOD crashes after installing the game, then the problem may be related to the DirectX component. Quite often games install their own versions of C ++ and DirectX. Sometimes the version of this component is not compatible with Windows. Therefore, you need to check the relevance of the DirectX version and, if necessary, update the component, install the required one.
  • Also, the error can occur due to the video card itself. It is recommended to check the device using the FurMark program. This free enables you to test a video accelerator by showing its temperature, operating frequencies, voltage. If some indicator is not normal, then it is worth cleaning the video card from dust and replacing the thermal paste on the GPU.

If the error appears during Windows startup, then the problem may lie in the drivers, as well as in the absence of the required Service Pack.

Depending on the symptomatology (when and how it appears), Driver error can be corrected in several ways:

  • Install the latest system updates
  • Start your computer in “safe mode”
  • Check your Windows disk for errors with chkdsk c: / f
  • Run a system scan for viruses
  • Run a RAM check
  • Disable unnecessary programs from Windows startup